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A tour guide provides assistance, information and cultural, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to people on organized tours, individual clients, educational establishments, at religious and historial sites and at venues of other significant interest. Tourist guides in Turkey are required by law to complete a rigorous training program of several years, and to obtain an official government tour guide´s license. It is against the law for anyone who has not been trained and licensed to function as a tourist guide in Turkey. As anyone who has ever employed a guide knows, it is not just a guide´s knowledge that makes a tour successful, but also his or her personality and sensitivity to your needs and wants.

We have professional tour guides for several lunguages such as English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The cost of the half day (4 hours) tour guidance cost is 100 euro.
The cost of the full day (8 hours) tour guidance cost is 180 euro.

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