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Regular Perge, Aspendos, Side Tour: Departure about 07:15  am.  Visiting Perge antique site in detail; Stadium, Roman Gate, Nymphaeum, Roman Bath, Hellenistic gate, Colonnaded Main Street and the Agora. Lunch on the Koprupazari stream near the Aspendos Theater. Visiting Aspendos Theater and the Historical Aqueducts. Shopping Break where also the Turkish handcrafts are introduced. Introduction of Side and an hour and a half free time. 18:00 returning to Antalya distribution to hotels .

Regular Kekova, Myra St- Nicholas Church Tour: Departure from the hotel and travel to Demre to visit the best examples of Lycian tombs at Myra, Antique Theatre and the Church of St. Nicholas the saint to whom is referred as Santa Claus. Santa Claus was the bishop of Myra. Today he is patron saint of Russia, Beit Jala in Palestine and New York City. (His church in New York was 170 years old when the falling World Trade Center towers destroyed it.) The defender of children, guardian of sailors and protector of travellers, he was said to have lived here. Seeping with lemon and orange aromas, Demre, was choosen by St. Nicholas as his home and his final resting place.After lunch, we sail over turquoise waters to the picturesque Kekova Island from Ucagiz Village. Discover the extraordinary underwater ruins of the sunken city belong to Kekova Island and visit the noteworthy Lycian necropolis at Teimiussa. There are opportunities to swim and snorkel if desired, so do not forget your bathing suit and towel.Return to Antalya in the late evening where tour concludes witha hotel drop-off .

Regular Termesos- Karain Cave &  Kirkgoz Han Tour :Departure about 07:30 am. Climbing to Termessus antique city and visiting the site in detail; gymnasium, theater, bouleuterion/odium, temples, cisterns and rock tombs and lunch.Visiting Karain cave &Kirkgoz Han Caravanserai and then shopping stop. 17:00 return and transfer to the Hotel(s)

Tours: All tours are made as regular. There are about 15-20 people mostly from EU countries. There are less people on the tours in Istanbul as operated by our company. The tour guides speak fluent English and licensed by The Ministry of Culture. They are well educated and experianced. The tour vehicles are new and air-conditioned midibuses . The tours include transportation with air-cond. buses, entrance fees, and professional guidance.

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Tour type: Specific Date
Maximum number of people: 30
Location: Turkey, Antalya
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