Take off  Runways: Babadað (Mount Father) is one of the best locations in the world for paragliding, there are total of 3 runways in Babadag. These are reached by special modieified 4 weel  truck  approximately 27 km drive up through the cedar and pine forest. 45 minute jeep ride up the mountain.1700 meters high south runway is appropriate for take off. 1800 meters high north runway  is a little bit small and upright. Take off area of the 1900 meters high north peak runway is very comfortable as 1700 meters high runway is taking the south wind just from the opposite site during the most part of the day. Generaly take off is made from here. Approximately 20 wings can be lied on very wide runway at the same  time. The weather is stable during the summer season, sometimes during the morning hours  a north wind  comes  and take off is made from north runways in to the valley. It takes 45 minutes from take off to landing. You will have the most awesome view of the most beautiful beach in Turkey. South runway faces a south wind,  between 5 – 20 km  during most of the day hours.

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