Istanbul has always been one of the most fascinating cities in the world. We offer this special excursion to our client who prefer to explore most in the city and pay less.

    You will have a very informative but enjoyable and easy tour with your professional and knowledgeable guide throughout the imperial city center. You will see the most interesting monuments and learn their great historical backgrounds. Since that is a walking tour, you will also have the chance to observe the present day life in the area and take more pictures. Our groups are with only a few people which is providing the tour attenders the feeling of a self-explore time other than the scheduled and rush group tours. Your guides will be just next to you and will be pleased to reply all your questions.

    Tour Details
    Code: EFN1
    Tour Name: Guided Walking Tour In The Old City
    Duration: Half Day in the morning
    Itinerary: The tour starts with pick up from your hotel (Old City and Taksim areas provided with complimentary pick-up service) at around 08:30 and finishes at aroudn 12:00 at Sultanahmet square. You will visit: Topkapi Palace (former residance of Ottoman Sultans and today is a museum including the sections of Treasury, Sacred Relics, Sultan Pavilions and Harem),  Caferaga Madrasah (a former educational unit built in 1559 by Architect Sinan). Today, it is a centre for classrooms/exhibition about traditional Turkish handicrafts such as calligraphyceramicsjewellery and so forth are taught, made and sold) and Roman Hippodrome (the site of ancient races, games and riots). It was also used for similar purposes during the Ottoman Era. Today, you can observe some of the historic monuments at site including Serpentine Column, Egyptian Obelisk and German Fountain).

    The price is 22 EUR per person for cash payments, including the entrance fees to the sites visited (except Harem – 20 TL extra self-payment), guidance in English and complimentary hotel pick-up.

    **Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays (replaced with Istanbul Archeology Museum)**

    ** Please note that there will be an extra charge for pick up service from other locations which will be informed you separetely when we get your hotel details.

    Code: EFN2
    Tour Name:  Guided Walking Tour In The Old City
    Duration: Half Day in the afternoon
    ItinaryThe tour starts with pick up from your hotel (Old City and Taksim areas provided with complimentary pick-up service) at around 13:30. You will see: St.Sophia Museum (Holy Wisdom Church built on 537 as the Cathedral of East Roman Empire. Today, it is a museum where the remains belonging to Christianity and Islam are visible together. It is currently listed on World Heritage Sites List. Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque), a unique example of Ottoman architecture. The inside walls of the Mosque are decorated with beautiful Turkish Tiles. Million Stone (an ancient monument partially remained today. It is situated right at the centre of the city to show the directions to East and West. The Column of Constantine (Cemberlitas or Burnt Pillar constructed in AD. 330 on the orders of the Roman emperor Constantine in order commemorates the declaration of Byzantium as the new capital city of the Roman Empire). The tour ends at around 16:15 with free time at Grand Bazaar. (One of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. There are about 3000 shops in the bazaar spread over 61 streets. You may spend easily about 2 hours at the bazaar to visit only most visited parts. There are shops of jewellery leather, gold, spices and other souvenirs in the bazaar. It is visited by about 250.000 people. You will be advised by your guide to return back to your hotel on your own. The bazaar is closed at 19:00.

    The price is 22 Eur per person for cash payments, including entrance fees to the sites visited, guidance in English and complimentary hotel pick-up.

    **St. Sophia Museum is closed on Mondays and Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays and Eid Holidays. St. Sophia Museum is replaced with Basilica Cistern on Mondays**

    **Please note that there will be an extra charge for pick up service from other locations which will be informed you separetely when we get your hotel details.

    Code : EFN3
    Tour Name :  Guided Walking Tour In The Old City
    Duration : Full day
    Itinary : The combination of the above mentioned half day tours. The tour starts at around 09:00 from Travel Expert Turkey office in Sultanahmet. In the morning, you will visit Topkapi Palace (Treasury, Sacred Relics, Sultans Pavilions and Ceremony Courtyard visited with Guide. Harem visit is optional), Caferaga Madrasah and Roman Hippodrome. Free time for lunch is allocated for about 1 hour. There are variety of options for any taste or budget around Sultanahmet area. In the afternoon, you will visit Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Million Stone (on your way with an outlook approach), Column of Constantine (on your way with an outlook approach) and Grand Bazaar (visit on your own without time limitation). Return to your hotel on your own. Drop-off service is provided for extra to depart from our office.

    Complimentary pick up service provided for Sultanahmet & Taksim area hotels only. If you will be staying in a different area, extra charges may apply. 

    The price is 40 EUR per person for cash payments, including entrance fees to the sites visited (except Harem section – 20 TL extra self-payment), guidance in English and complimentary hotel pick-up. We can also arrange you a delicious lunch at a local restaurant near our office with an extra fee of 15 EUR per person (drinks are self-payment).

    Please note that there will be an extra charge for pick up service from other locations which will be informed you separetely when we get your hotel details.

    **For credit card payments, an extra 8% surcharge will be applied.**

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    We recommend you to join a guided tour in Istanbul. Here is why?

    This tour is the best option to visit the most important historic sites in Istanbul on a local guided tour in a day time only. The tour provides complimentary pick up from the city center hotels or cruise port to provide a no-stress meeting with the guide. You will be with a small group of people on the tour with maximum 14 tour attendants. The tour guide is a local expert on history and architecture with a university degree. The tour guide also speaks fluent English and friendly with senior people, families with children and photograph lovers. Please note that making a cultural tour with a local expert tour guide will provide you to learn more about the visited places, local life, the folklore and the street food that you can hardly find in the books. You can easily ask your questions if you would have any and get a clear informative reply. All these will come to you with a respectful humour, making your day different than a lesson or speech. You can also ask your guide to get an advise about where to eat, what to do in your other days or where to shop. Be advised that this is a – non-shopping tour – without spending any time at any specific shop or place. We only want you to explore the museums, historic sites and local areas on your way with a local expert to explore as much as possible on a day time. Maybe the best feature of our guided tour is having the tickets in advance to provide you a priority at the entrances without waiting at long ticket kiosks. Moreover, your guide is quite experienced to arrange the tour route to avoid crowds, giving you time for taking a photo or a drink on your way. He also knows what to do in case of any safety problem and keep you away out of the risky areas. 

    A final benefit of guided tour is meeting with new people on the tour and having good time with them. We have many guests met on our tours and established very good friendships. This is free of charge service provided for only a smiling face 🙂

    The tour is convenient for people without any walking disabilities from any age groups. 

    There will be short stops on your way at certain times to rest your legs, toilet break or have a drink. 

    The guides give extra stops for senior people or children without annoying the others.

    The tour is available for walkers and baby strollers, but not suitable for wheelchairs. 

    The tour is operated all-year-round regardless of sun, rain or snow since the guides are very experienced for the best routes and timings on visits. 

    We recommend you to wear clothes appropriate with the weather, comfortable shoes, drinking water, sun glasses and have sunscreen lotion with you.

    Important Notice!!!

    If you have

    – Any kind of serious walking disability, 

    – 2 or more small children with you who might disable you to follow the tour schedule and slow down the pace of the group,

    this tour may not be suitable for you. Then, we recommend you to ask for a private tour which may cost a little more, but certainly will be more convenient and relaxing for yourselves. Alternatively, you may book 2 half day tours on different days.

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